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EquinePatch Magnetic Patch

Paws2Hoof Natural Pet Supplies

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EquinePatch Magnetic Patch

EquinePatch is a new company offering an affordable bipolar magnetic patch using 4 x 2800 GUASS Neodymium magnets, covered in a strong Neoprene material and we are delighted to be one of the first stockists . This patch which is 100% non-invasive will help with the treatment and healing of splints, arthritis, windgalls, spavins, thorough-pins and tendon injuries. Unlike boots and wraps this patch can be placed to target a specific area, and is held in place by a bandage or boot. Priced at just £22 per patch. 


Bipolar Magnetic patch, completely handmade in the UK using 4 x neodymium guass 2800 magnets. An aid for the help in healing splints, tendon injuries, windgalls, thorough-puns, spavins and aid in the management of arthritis. Leave on for a maximum of 12 hours per day.Place over the affected area and secure with a breathable bandage .