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EqWax Frog and Sole

Paws2Hoof Natural Pet Supplies

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EqWax Frog and Sole

‼️WINTER-PROOF YOUR HORSE'S HOOVES WITH EQWAX HOOF, FROG & SOLE‼️ Banish cracked hooves and smelly, rotten frogs for good with our natural hoof balm, Hoof, Frog & Sole. Exposure to water, mud, muck and urine can make hooves and frogs vulnerable to attack from bacteria and fungus - this can lead to cracking and weakened hooves and smelly, disintegrating frogs. Not only does our hoof balm provide a breathable barrier of protection against muck and wet but it is formulated with a blend of natural ingredients known to have anti-microbial properties:

🐝Beeswax (this provides more 'stickability' than oil alone and ensures the balm continues working even in wet and mucky conditions)
🥥Coconut Oil
🌳Essential Oils - Tea Tree, Lemongrass, Neem
🌿Herbs - Oregano, Red Thyme

As well as protecting the frog and hoof from excessive moisture and microbes, this balm will condition the hooves and give them an attractive shine.

‼️Contains no formalin, solvents or crude oil derivatives (such as tar or paraffin) which, surprisingly, are present in many commercial hoof preparations and which have been shown to damage hooves‼️